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AN2616D-AD 1/2 Sensor 2Mega ABF BOX IP Camera
Key Features: A-MTK “Auto Back Focus (ABF)” allows client to control lens zoom, focus, Day & Night auto focus remotely. Instead of being on-site, clients can just sit in front of their PC for lens adjustment. The P-iris feature empowers iris control, and make it more precisely and easily. AN2616D-AD is designed in 1/2”larger size image sensor. The sensitivity of illumination will be double than the standard sensor. It works in the low lux environment just as its name- “Starlight”.
  1. 2Mega@60fps high frame rate
  2. 2Mega@30fps True WDR mode selectable
  3. H.264 and MJPEG simultaneously
  4. Built in ICR for day & night surveillance
  5. ABF and P-iris lens
  6. Event trigger: DI, audio detection, camera tampering