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AN2583D-AKZCLAD 2MP Smart Focus Outdoor IR IP cam, simple function
Key Features: A-MTK “Smart focus” stands for following functions: Remote zoom/focus, P-iris, day and night auto focus. Clients no need to drive car to the site for lens adjustment. With smart focus IP camera, just sit in front of PC and remotely control the lens wide, tele, auto- focus. P-iris is to control the stepping motors and have the iris control precisely, and remotely. Smart focus makes installation and maintenance easier and cost-saving. It is a brilliant function for project planning.
  1. 2Mega@60fps high frame rate
  2. 2Mega@30fps True WDR mode selectable
  3. H.264 and MJPEG simultaneously
  4. IVA functions built-in
  5. Built in IR LED and ICR for day & night surveillance
  6. Motorized (Smart Focus) lens
  7. mSD card for event recording (LAD and AAD only)