A New Chapter of CCTV: Enhancing Safety of Rail Transportation and the Overall Thinking of TOD

TAIWAN - In Taiwan, the importance of rail transportation is becoming more and more prominent, with more and more counties and cities, not only Taipei and New Taipei, setting up rail transportation bureaus, and the Taiwan Railway Corporation (TRC) actively introducing a variety of new trains to enhance the efficiency and safety of transportation. In this dynamic era of development, the "nationalization of rail transportation products" has become a key issue that needs to be continuously optimized.


Nationalization does not only mean the production of products in Taiwan, but more importantly, it covers the nationalization of research and development. This kind of nationalization not only provides security, but also enables a better understanding of local needs and the realization of product customization. For a long time, Taiwan-based MediaTek has been adhering to the principle of "R&D in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan" and has provided customized solutions in the field of CCTV, which provides more safe and intelligent technical support for Taiwan's rail transportation system.


Here are some examples:


Enhance passenger experience: Many high-capacity MRT lines do not have trackside Wifi. To solve this problem, MediaTek has added 4G or 5G switches on the trains to realize real-time image return for the whole vehicle. At the same time, it also provides VMS (Video Monitoring System) and alarm platform for the operation and control center to ensure safer and more efficient operation of rail transportation.


Automatic Train Clearance Judgment: In order to reduce the inspection time when trains arrive at the station, Luen Fat Optronics realizes "automatic train clearance judgment" by applying AI image technology, which improves the operation efficiency.


High-definition photography: All newly purchased trains of Taiwan Railway are equipped with original 360-degree fisheye cameras. In the case of Taiwan Railway's reprovisioning, Lianfa Optoelectronics provided Taiwan-made "5 megapixel 360-degree fisheye IP cameras", which provide higher-definition images for monitoring and security purposes.


Platform Security: Lianfa Optoelectronics developed the "Platform Fall Detection" technology, which can detect oversized objects or people falling from the platforms in advance and provide early warnings to improve the safety of the platforms.


Intelligent Parking: Lianfa Optoelectronics provides entrance/exit control cameras, outdoor parking lot presence detection cameras, charging pile occupancy and access time billing cameras, etc., which realize automated and manless intelligent parking solutions, thus improving the operational efficiency of parking lots.


UniFaith's customized solution in the field of CCTV fully embodies the concept of "understanding local needs and being able to customize", which provides safer and smarter technological support for Taiwan's rail transportation system. At the same time, it also paves the way for the sustainable development of Taiwan's rail transportation.


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About UniFaith Optoelectronics Corporation

MediaTek is a leading international high-tech company specializing in the development and manufacturing of CCTV and security solutions. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the principle of "R&D in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan" and continues to innovate in order to provide customers with high quality products and services.